Listening – przykładowy test

You will hear people talking in eight different situations. For questions 1 – 8, choose the best answer, (A, B or C).

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  1. You hear a young man talking.

    Why did he go back to college?

    A He needed a better job.
    B He needed an evening activity.
    C He needed new skills

  2. You hear a man talking on the radio.

    What is he?

    A an inventor
    B a company employee
    C a writer

  3. You hear someone talking on the radio about an artist.

    How does the artist feel about his work?

    A He would like to exhibit it in an art gallery.
    B He wants to make his creations last longer.
    C He is happy to see his work destroyed.

  4. You hear a woman talking to her son.

    Why is she talking to him?

    A to give him a warning
    B to refuse permission
    C to make a suggestion

  1. You hear part of a lecture about the role of retired people in the economy.

    What is the lecturer describing?

    A reasons why something is changing
    B errors in statistical information
    C disagreements between researchers

  2. You hear a chef being interviewed on the radio.

    Why did he decide to become a chef?

    A to follow a family tradition
    B to develop a natural talent
    C to pursue his love of cooking

  3. You hear a teenager talking about the sport she plays.

    How does she feel while she is playing the sport?

    A uncomfortable,br>B embarrassed
    C confident

  4. You hear an explorer talking about a journey he is making.

    How will he travel once he is across the river?

    A by motor vehicle
    B on horseback
    C on foot

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